Active Barrier Packaging Solutions

The Perfect Match for LOG's Barrier Bottles

In addition to barrier bottles, LOG offers innovative active components as part of a complete packaging solution.


Standard desiccant solutions, which include canisters or sachets, are commonly placed loose inside bottles. This has the following drawbacks:
  • Desiccants might fall out and not be returned to the bottle
  • Desiccants could be swallowed by mistake
  • Desiccants are in direct contact with the tablets, which might cause the tablets to dry out, possibly chip, break or disintegrate.
  LOG's View the ActiveGuard™ Product Video Clip solves all of these challenges. The ActiveGuard™ is placed inside the neck of LOG's specially designed Barrier Bottles and is locked into place to prevent it from moving in any direction. The ActiveGuard™ is prefilled with moisture desiccants and/or oxygen absorbers according to customer requirements.   The maximal amount of desiccant contained in the ActiveGuard™ is 2 grams for the 33mm neck finish and 4 grams for the 38mm neck finish.   Benefits - Patient Centricity:
  • Scavengers cannot fall out of the packaging and doesn't need to be returned
  • Scavengers cannot be swallowed by mistake
  • The ActiveGuard™ controls the release of tablets
  Benefits - Health Improvement:
  • Contrary to closures with embedded desiccant chambers, the ActiveGuard™ allows the use of an induction heat seal liner providing tamper evidence and a hermetic seal during shelf life
  • The ActiveGuard™ can be prefilled with desiccants and/or oxygen absorbers according to customer requirements
  • Desiccant does not come in direct contact with the tablets, avoiding possible damage
  Benefits - Packaging Optimization:
  • Positioned in previously unused bottle space
  • Does not reduce valuable tablet space
  • Reduces head space
  • Positioning of the ActiveGuard™ can be validated easily
ActiveGuard™ Placed firmly in the neck of the bottle


LOG's ActiveClosure™ is filled with the required desiccant type and quantity according to the customer's specifications. In comparison to standard desiccant sachets or canisters, ActiveClosure™ has the following advantages:
  • The desiccant is not in direct contact with the drug, which allows an equal distribution of its effect
  • The head space is reduced
  • The desiccant cannot fall out during use
  • There is no possibility of accidently swallowing the desiccant
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