Caps & Closures

Child Resistant (CR) Closures

LOG’s child resistant (CR) screw closures are available in various sizes and guarantee a perfect match with LOG’s extensive range of bottles. The entire CR closure family has a unique and distinctive design and pictogram that will make your product line stand out.   LOG's closures are offered with several liners that are approved for pharmaceutical use. The closures are CR-certified according to ISO 8317 & US 16 CFR § 1700.20 (Child Resistant Packaging).

Flip-Top Tube Closures

LOG offers flip-top closures that were specially developed to fit cosmetic cream tubes. The product family contains closures for several sizes of tubes and each closure is offered with different sized openings for various cream consistencies.   LOG's tube closures are extensively tested for resisting breakage due to repeated opening and closing. Additionally the closures are tested under water with air pressure to ensure that they provide a perfect seal when closed.   The closures "click" clearly when opened or closed, have a soft rounded design that is pleasant to touch and are available in a wide variety of colors.

Screw Closures

LOG’s screw closures are available in the sizes of 33, 38, 45, 53mm and match perfectly with LOG’s extensive range of bottles as well as with industry-standard containers. The closures can be provided with several liners that are approved for pharmaceutical use.   LOG's screw closure product family has a unique design and is available in a variety of colors, which enables customers to create a distinctive and uniform look for their product line.
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