Finally! A ‘Smart Packaging’ Solution for Poor Medication Adherence

21 January 2020
LOG Pharma’s innovative smart packaging solution addresses the widespread lack of patient adherence to prescription medicine or supplementation of nutraceuticals by harnessing the power of IoT technology to increase patient engagement.

Low and inconsistent adherence is responsible for 33% of medicine-related hospitalizations, an estimated 125K deaths every year in the US alone, and $300B in avoidable costs to the health care system annually. According to the World Health Organization, adherence rates for patients with chronic illnesses is only 50%, yet at least 80% compliance is required for a medication to have its optimal effect.

There are many factors that contribute to low adherence, such as poor communication between doctors and patients and unwanted side effects. But according to ExpressScripts, 69% of nonadherence is behavioral, caused by forgetfulness or procrastination.

Low adherence is a pain point for Pharma

Clearly, these numbers are very concerning in terms of negative patient health outcomes, but what does this mean for the pharmaceutical industry? Pharma companies are losing hundreds of billions of dollars every year due to non-adherence. This is affecting direct revenue from unfilled prescriptions as well as the perceived value of their products.

Currently, pharma companies and doctors rely heavily on patient self-reporting to determine a treatment’s effectiveness.  However, studies have brought to question the validity and precision of such methods.  For example, in a survey conducted by JAMA, 8 out of 10 patients admitted that they have lied to their physicians, often due to embarrassment or fear of being judged.

Smart packaging boost adherence by up to 23%

To address the lack of patient adherence to prescription medicine and nutraceuticals and to support patients in following their prescribed drug regimen, LOG Pharma (in cooperation with the IoT specialists of Water.IO) has released the revolutionary ActiveGuard® CONNECT™.  ActiveGuard® CONNECT™ features a smart IoT component with integrated desiccant chamber that is inserted into the neck of a pillbox/bottle and links and synchronizes with the patient’s smartphone. The smart packaging product enables indication of taken doses, tracks temperature within the bottle, and can remind or alert patients or caregivers as needed to drive adherence.

LOG Pharma’s smart packaging solution enables Big Data analysis based on historical and real-time data to track compliance and empower pharma and nutraceutical manufacturers to improve medication and supplement efficiency. It also provides manufacturers with a unique connection to engage with the end-customer and build a long-term relationship, increasing sales with an app-based reorder function.

ActiveGuard® CONNECT™ integrates into industry standard packaging solutions, — without requiring any changes to the closure of the packaging – enabling the drug manufacturers to use the existing filling line equipment with only minor adjustments. This saves tremendous CAPEX cost of changing packaging molds or filling lines.

In a 60-day pilot study, use of the smart component was shown to raise adherence by 23% through various types of reminders, customized to each user.  The main drivers for improved adherence were an extra evening reminder, a weekly boost notification every Sunday morning to start the week off right, and personal notifications to inactive users. One out of every three inactive users came back on track as a result of these encouraging personalized notifications.

Established in 1971, LOG Pharma Packaging is a pioneer in packaging innovations and the trusted partner of global pharma companies, providing the industry with innovative primary packaging solutions. LOG has combined 48 years of industry experience with the innovative Israeli state-of-mind to deliver the future of pharmaceutical packaging while being fully compliant with US FDA and European pharmacopoeia standards.

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