Active Barrier Solutions – ActiveGuard®

The Challenge

With packaging now a core element in the marketing mix, pharmaceutical
companies seek packaging solutions that provide a positive patient experience,
are child resistant yet user friendly, and support medication adherence and brand loyalty.


In addition, with the vast majority of drug formulations requiring protection from moisture
and/or oxygen to meet stability requirements, the packaging might require passive as well
as active barrier solutions which help to extend shelf life and ensure regulatory compliance.

ActiveGuard® meets all of these challenges. The patient-centric solution is prefilled with moisture desiccants and/or oxygen absorbers according to customer requirements, and placed firmly in the neck of LOG’s specially designed barrier bottles.
ActiveGuard® is available for 33mm (fillable with up to 2gr desiccant) and 38mm (fillable with up to 4gr desiccant) neck finishes.

Features & Benefits

Patient Centricity:

  • Eliminates the need for desiccant sachets or canisters

  • Cannot fall in or out of the packaging

  • Removes the risk of swallowing the
    sachet/canister accidentally

  • Allows controlled dispensing of tablets

Health Improvement:

  • Allows the use of heat seal liners for hermetic sealing and tamper evidence

  • Amount of desiccants and/or oxygen absorbers according to customer requirements

  • No direct contact with tablets, avoiding possible damage

Packaging Optimization:

  • Positioned in previously unused space

  • Does not reduce valuable tablet-space

  • Reduces head space

  • Easy positioning validation

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