LOG provides packaging solutions for Israeli biopharmaceutical company in fight against COVID

4 January 2021
Joining in the world’s fight against COVID-19, two Israeli companies are doing their part to take preventive measures against the infiltration of the virus into the body with a nasal spray.

Israeli biopharmaceutical company Nasus Pharma, approached LOG Pharma Primary Packaging for its packaging solution when it developed Taffix, a proven nasal powder spray that protects against viruses from entering the body through the nose.

When Nasus Pharma contacted LOG Pharma Primary Packaging as the leading Israeli pharmaceutical packaging company for its high-quality packaging solution of its 20ml dropper bottle set, LOG provided a quick response, meeting all industry regulatory packaging requirements. The nasal spray, which is a bottle, dropper, and TE Cap, fitted perfectly the requirements of Nasus.

LOG’s packaging solution for Taffix: 20ml dropper bottle set
20ml Dropper Bottle Squeezable, 14mm Neck Finish, White LDPE, Round
9mm Controlled Dropper Tip Plug with 0.9mm hole
14mm Conic Dropper Tip Cap with Tamper Evident (TE) Ring

Taffix’s nasal spray has scientifically proven to block up to 97% of airborne viruses and acts within seconds, providing a 5-hour protection time. Since the outbreak of the virus, Nasus Pharma began seeking new ways of preventing the virus from entering the cells of a person in the body, with the nasal cavity being the main port of entry for viruses.

Taffix’s spray serves as a “protective measure” and not as a cure to COVID-19.

“This is not a medicine, this is a protective measure, and the technology that is behind it has been developed for the last three years,” Dr. Dalia Meggido CEO of Nasus Pharma told i24 news.

Nasus Pharma has been concentrating on treating outbreaks during emergency situations that require a fast response, such as in the case of patients who go into anaphylactic shock or opioid overdose, by developing other nasal spray devices that are released into the body as soon as possible.

LOG Pharma Primary Packaging has not only helped companies such as Nasus Pharma find packaging solutions during COVID, but also for the last 50 years has been serving as a leader in the Pharmaceutical industry worldwide with over 400 products, delivering innovative, highly engineered, Active and Passive packaging solutions. LOG’s barrier packaging solutions extend shelf life and protect drugs and formulations from the permeability of Oxygen and Moisture.

LOG adheres to the highest manufacturing standards and is 100% committed to quality. Equally so, LOG’s extensive R&D power, and molding experience, provide customers with the best packaging solution.

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