60ml MultiBlock™ b20 Barrier Bottle, SP33/400, White Round Narrow

The MultiBlock™ multilayer product family offers protection for solid or liquid formulations that are sensitive to oxygen and moisture permeation.

Tests have shown that MultiBlock™ provides up to 12x better moisture barrier performance and 100x better oxygen barrier performance compared to standard HDPE containers.
LOG Product ID:20060020077
Market Segment:Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals
Raw Material:HDPE
Application:Barrier Packaging, Moisture Sensitive Formulations, Oral, Oxygen Sensitive Formulations
Nominal Capacity:60ml / 2.0oz
Overflow Capacity:68ml / 2.3oz
Neck Diameter:33mm
Bottle Shape:Round
Diameter:34.0mm / 1.3"
Height:103.0mm / 4.1"
Standard Color:White